IFES has been flying the skies of  Infinite Flight since 2015 August 15th. Right now, there's A LOT to do that no other Virtual Airline can offer. Now, we're transforming, IFES has become a large-scale Virtual Airline. If you want to start your Virtual Airline Career, even if you don't have "Live" or "Live+" find out how you can participate!


IFES Community

IFES has developed a Community Forum for all aviation enthusiasts interested in knowing the latest happenings in IF Virtual Organizations and Virtual Airlines. This is not only for IFES use. This Community is for public use. This is Still under development.

The IFES Community is regulated by the Orientation Sector of IFES.

IFES Tracker


Our unparraleled network of partners allow easy access to a wider variety of things to do within IFES. wish to become a partner of IFES? Speak to our Head of Foreign Affairs Today! 

[Current Extrnal Relations Officer: Norick, R.]


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